Welcome to the No State Project-Canada  Blog.Just to clarify,this is a No State Project affiliate.Located near so called Toronto Canada. This blog comes with amber warnings,that the content herein,may change your life.This is for educational purposes only.Particularly mine.I am not a lawyer just some opinions of mine I would like to share…….
I am self employed, primarily I specialize in the residential and commercial flooring installation trade.But also decent with small engines and quite handy.
I dropped out of grade 11,and I am not proud of that. But came to the realization the school system failed me,so I had to make a break and get my hands on,to see what I was good at.No regrets….thank f@%k for spell check.
Thanks to a good friend Mike,who set up the blog and trained me how to use it,and with the wonders of the internet,I would like to share this information.
I’m not one for small chat so I will get right to the guts of what brought me here. STRAW-MAN.A few years ago I meet (Ralph) through a friend.He claims  to be sovereign,and from what I have witnessed,the only ID he uses is his first name.So In his dealings with the henchmen of the state,NOT identifying  him self,lands him in jail every time.But each time he emerges from the rape rooms,there is no record of him even being there.And he seems to be left alone for the most part.
Only till next time the henchmen see the out dated plate sticker on his vehicle, he will then go back to the cage once more,and have his property stolen..We are very good friends,one of very few who I can have intelligent free willed,not  judgmental stateless mind set,in depth conversations.
Which in short led me to putting up this blog.I choose to pay the Queen rent for the land this house sits on,at the moment.I choose to pay,to keep the tax tag up to date (plate sticker) for the vehicles,just so is to be left the fuck alone,and to keep my property. At the same time I will participate less and less as my self knowledge increases.
My major point of this blog is,the force and violence that the Government uses to get you to pay for they’re services.I do not hold a gun to your head to pay me for my labors and or services.That is completely voluntary.Once we start to see the gun that forces the funding of these services,we may stop funding this big bully.With the waving of this gun you should know there is no duty to protect.
And this self knowledge has shown we’re a broken people living under loaded gun,and it can’t be outmatched,it can’t be outdone,it can’t be outrun.
From the Author
Keith J O’B