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How I Made $15,000 in 12 Hours on the New Blockchain-Based, Social-Media Site Steemit


I had heard of Steemit a few months ago but it is just one of dozens of interesting new blockchain based enterprises that crosses my virtual desk every day.  I knew it was a blockchain based social network, but that was the extent that I knew (you can read more about how it works here).

But I kept hearing about it and two days ago I decided to post something on it.  All I posted was a very brief introduction of myself called, “The Dollar Vigilante Is Now On Steemit!

Much to my surprise, within 5 minutes, the post had already made me $350.  And, by the end of 12 hours (the post only makes money on upvotes for 12 hours) it had totaled at one point over $15,000 (the value changes slightly all the time as the value of a Steem dollar trades higher or lower in the market).

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