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An epic discussion on the decentralized currency of bit coin,with Andreas Antonopulos

Advertisements                                                            Within bureaucracy, a malicious normalcy bias can easily develop. This systematic conditioning eventually leads to a frustrating ether of cognitive dissonance when confronted with questions of facts and evidence.                                                                                                                                           Scroll down for the audio to my phone call with Marc and the head of the CRA

Ed and Ethan take on the stupendious and stupendiously stupid! On this weeks show, Tory backbencher David Wilks, Saskatoon unofficial beach, US police entering Canadian land, Afghan mission coming to a end in 2014, David Howden joins us to talk about the Quebec tuition protests, and Ethan’s commentary about understanding the Quebec protesters

Many very good points here,from Larken Rose…A strong point for me: quoting Larken. “Every law is a threat of violence”
Keith OB

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