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http://marcstevens.net/cos/cos20130415.html                                                            Within bureaucracy, a malicious normalcy bias can easily develop. This systematic conditioning eventually leads to a frustrating ether of cognitive dissonance when confronted with questions of facts and evidence.                                                                                                                                           Scroll down for the audio to my phone call with Marc and the head of the CRA

http://marcstevens.net/featured/chris-parking-ticket-dismissal-followup-call.htmlSuccess Story

a celebrity who is no longer in the fog.This interview with Alex Jones,Charlie reveals his self ownership through all 3 genres:The State,business,and personal life. WINNING!

Many very good points here,from Larken Rose…A strong point for me: quoting Larken. “Every law is a threat of violence”
Keith OB

Brought to you by Stefan Molyneux and his interview with Woody O’Brien.


Another factually brilliant video from Stefan about the education system.A few of the kids I know seem to enjoy school,but I my self  loathed almost every moment.


TheAtiterrorist on damage control

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